Welcome to the Ivernia

Welcome to The Ivernia.

Proprietors Martin, Joanne and family would like to welcome you to our quality guest accommodation.


A non-smoking establishment open all year round for bed and breakfast.

With drinks served from reception upon request.



Featuring The Best Rv Shelter

RV Shelter Features


RV shelter from shelter station is a very good choice if considering to avail a shelter for your vehicles. This is a highly recommended product from shelter station for their successful journey with motorhome, bus and caravan owners that this shelter become a permanent feature as it is trending in the current market for its simplicity but maintaining its overall quality. It becomes necessary and economical having this shelter as it is very useful to accommodates different type of recreational vehicles, also with trucks and other different types of vehicles. Products specification can be viewed from shelter station for more specific information and any other information the customer needed to know like sizes, fabric materials and kind of frames. This is also the same with RV carport to avoid confusion of shelter to consider for type of vehicles you have.



 This is the best recommended shelter due to its economically, simplicity and customer friendly due to its average price not too low and not too high. The shelter has an arched roof with unique door style that can reasonably allow any type of vehicles to be accommodated inside the shelter. The product includes base plates, choke ropes and other accessories to fully assemble the parts together. It is usually a product that more on permanent installation on such specific area.


Its Importance


Having different kind of vehicles to be considered in garage and some other usage of the shelter, it is very useful and cheaper to own one of this. New Zealand and Australia have seen the great impact of this kind of shelter in their lives and now the product from Shelter Station is very popular and in demand that make their business booming. For maintaining and safety of valued vehicles, it is very highly considerable to buy the best brand in the market place.  It’s a product for vehicle maintenance to shelter and cover as it is really necessary this coming day. Protection and safety are the priorities of vehicle owners as these are their asset in terms of personal or either in the business nature. Weather is a very unexpectable and can not be estimated to when and where it will strike in either rain, storm, super heat, wind and dusty situation. It is inconvenient to anyone to have problem in their vehicles while there is a probable and economical solution for this type of arising head ache problems.



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