Welcome to the Ivernia

Welcome to The Ivernia.

Proprietors Martin, Joanne and family would like to welcome you to our quality guest accommodation.


A non-smoking establishment open all year round for bed and breakfast.

With drinks served from reception upon request.



Chauffeur Service London – Why Is It Crucial To Hire The Best One!

Executive chauffeur services can make your trip a lot more pleasing and enjoyable. Apart from hiring these services for your expediency, you can also consider them for your visitors to represent your business and its professionalism. Luxury car service will never disappoint you as the service providers are quite particular with what matters the most to them; they have first-class cars and professional chauffeurs. With these you can be certain that your high client profiles will be impressed by the professionalism you show them and they will surely love doing business with you.



However, whether you opt for Chauffeur service London for your personal or business requirements, the chauffeur will be the person you will be dealing with while you are out on a ride. The chauffeur can literally make or break a professional service and there are certain traits that should make a difference here.


Traits of A Professional Chauffeur

Peoples Skill – A professional chauffeur is the one who finds it easier to interact with others he is providing services to. They need to be pleasant, polite and be striking conversations at ideal times so that they ensure their customers enjoy the ride peacefully in silence.  If a chauffeur is too detached or too chatty could be boring and annoying respectively.


Attention To Details – A thoughtful chauffeur is the one who is a valuable chauffeur. Considering the fact that Customer is the kind and as so they should be rightly treated. A driver who plans for the requirements for their clients beforehand and has items like shoe shine cloths, tissues, and even umbrellas available in the car and will surely win at the end of the day. An attentive and thoughtful chauffeur will also make certain that the climate control systems are always functioning properly to keep their customers feel extremely comfortable during their rides.


Ability To Maintain Patience Under Pressure – This is an extremely crucial aspect as a chauffeur will be coming across all kinds of passengers. They may find passengers that are too loud or excited or perhaps be in crappy moods and not polite to converse with, the chauffeur should know how to best handle all these kind of situations calmly.


The same goes for other scenarios like unexpected traffic jams that can make a big impact on the delivery of services. Only a tolerant and calm driver will be able to make the right decisions during such pressured times.


Make sure you hire the best Chauffeur Services London who are professionals and you can relax even when your high-profile clients are being ferried from one place to another. Just make sure your London Chauffeur is cut to be the best of all!



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