Welcome to the Ivernia

Welcome to The Ivernia.

Proprietors Martin, Joanne and family would like to welcome you to our quality guest accommodation.


A non-smoking establishment open all year round for bed and breakfast.

With drinks served from reception upon request.



Best Deals On Auto Insurance

Are you a car owner or car enthusiasts? Are you looking for a car insurance? Are you looking for an insurance company which can offer cheap yet car and owner friendly deals? Say no more because one of the most popular and most visited online sites in the field of car insurance is just a click away. AutoInsureSavings is an online site which helps car owners as well as car enthusiasts as it offers a comparison of both national and local auto insurance providers in terms of quotes and auto repair services. This is to help drivers save time, money and efforts.

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A help from AutoInsureSavings

Majority of countries around the globe encourages car owners to have insurance not just for themselves but for their car as well. This is for them to be protected from sudden expenses brought by unpredictable road and vehicular incidents or even unexpected circumstances like theft or damage from natural disasters.

As mentioned earlier, this online company will help car owners and car enthusiasts find the best car insurance provider based on various factors and needs like location, the age and health condition of the driver or owner, both driving record and experience and others. It gives you the best choices that will suit you and your car’s needs. According to Greg Fowler, the business owner of the online site, ‘AutoInsureSavings helps drivers of all agents save money on auto insurance. We provide weekly tips to help save on gas, there is a mobile national insurance agent directory so you are able to find the agent nearest you while on the move. If you need free quotes they are provided too. AutoInsureSavings has the first nationwide mobile insurance agent directory to help users save as much money as possible.

On choosing your auto insurance

The aforementioned online site provides car owners and car enthusiasts informative blog posts, reliable agents, free quotes from top insurance providers, and a wide range of choices of insurance companies from various states. But trimming down these choices, AutoInsureSavings showing Texas Farm Bureau and State Farm being the cheapest. Texas Farm Bureau, being in the industry for over 50 years also caters the automobile needs. It offers competitive rates and packages for you and your vehicle from ‘classic rides or work trucks and all vehicles in between’. Aside from that, also on the list is State Farm. With their tagline “Here to help life go right”, it offers a great auto insurance that is definitely of great value. They also offer several discounts and packages.

Indeed, it is better to be insured before the next time you hit the road. 



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