Welcome to the Ivernia

Welcome to The Ivernia.

Proprietors Martin, Joanne and family would like to welcome you to our quality guest accommodation.


A non-smoking establishment open all year round for bed and breakfast.

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Asbestos’ Effects To Humans

We all know that asbestos is harmful materials that can endanger not only the human’s life but as well as the plants and the animals in the surrounding. Although it has been banned by many countries, the presence of asbestos has not been totally eradicated, that is why the chances of living with asbestos are of high percentage especially if you are residing in an old house. However, its presence cannot be detected easily unless your house will undergo a major renovation. When the walls of your house are knocked down, you will see the asbestos inside as they served as insulators as well as fire retardants.

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Health Hazards to Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos should be handled and disposed of properly. Untrained individuals who wish to remove the asbestos can do more damage than do well for the people around and the environment. Generally speaking, asbestos as a whole does not pose danger. However, the moment it is disturbed, the tiny fibers of the asbestos will be released to the air and will be inhaled by the person. Furthermore, unlike the other gases, the asbestos fiber will settle at the bottom of the lungs for a long period of time. Prolong exposure to asbestos and its fiber can cause scarring to the lungs, difficulty in breathing, inflammation of the lungs and if it will be left untreated, it can lead to serious respiratory issues. More so, asbestos has been classified as a material that can cause cancer. Hence, it is very important that the asbestos should be removed by a skilled worker.

Asbestos Abatement

The removal of asbestos from a house or a building should be removed by a highly competent laboratory or worker. If the homeowner has suspected that asbestos is present in his building, he would contact the asbestos abatement company and prior to any removal, the company would test the material if it really is asbestos or not. If the result comes back as positive, then the abatement process will push through. When the abatement is ongoing, tenants of the house or the building must vacate the area. Workers will wear personal protective equipment to ensure their safety. Likewise, a 3 stage decontamination unit will also be present in the work site so that workers can shower the moment they leave the place.

The rules on the removal of asbestos may differ from one country to another however only with the same goal and that is to remove asbestos properly and safely.



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